Friday, June 10, 2011

President's Message

Today is an important day in history. It was 90 years ago on this day that Babe Ruth became baseball's all-time home run leader. It was 68 years ago today that the ballpoint pen was patented in the United States. And on this day just 48 years ago during the height of the Cold War, President Kennedy gave the Commencement Address at American University where he discussed the importance of peace and how nuclear weapons would destroy that peace by creating, “a new face of war.” While we have come a long way on the road to peace and nuclear abolition, this “new face of war” still remains.

In light of the recently released Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) report, NAPF President David Krieger released a message titled, "How Many Nuclear Weapons Still Threaten Humanity?" On this significant day in history we must be proud of how far humanity has come, but we must also realize that the path to nuclear abolition is one we must continue to walk if we ever want to experience the kind of genuine peace that President Kennedy referred to almost 50 years ago: the kind of peace that we all deserve.

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